Living in harmony with winter wonderland

In the winter months, it is natural to feel less energetic, sluggish and less motivated. According to Chinese medicine, winter is the season of stillness and conservation. As the bears do and most animals in the kingdom, it is a period of hibernation and our time to rest, slow down and revitalize our reserves. It is a great time of the year to reflect on our spiritual and physical health, replenish our energy, conserve our strength and heal on a deeper level.

According to theories of the Five Elements, water is the element that is associated with winter and with the kidneys, bladder, and adrenal glands. In Chinese medicine, our kidneys are considered the most important organ as it is where we store our Source energy or Jing chi, working as your body's internal battery. It stores a supply of chi that will carry and sustain each one of us throughout our lives. This Jing chi is inherited to us as a constitutional life force energy and provides us with the energy for all of our bodily functions.

It is believed that every action either can deplete or replete this power supply. Our daily lifestyle, especially living in New York City, is constantly on the go, from skipping breakfast, working late into the wee hours, going to too many happy hours, eating spicy and greasy foods, not drinking enough water, watching too many netflix tv shows, the list can go on forever - depletes our Jing chi. As it is finite, it could be easily wasted by our lifestyle choices and eventually when it becomes depleted, various ailments show in the body and mind.

On the other hand, we can help to preserve our Jing chi by making lifestyle choices to conserve our battery reserves. This is especially important in the winter months as our body is designed to go with the flow of the seasons. As winter approaches, our body deserves a winter-rest, reflection, slowing down, and "me time". Let's check in with our body, what is our body telling us that we are not listening to? Are you seeing dark circles under your eyes that haven't gone away even after a Bliss facial? Maybe your body is telling you to get some shut eye, that is long lasting and satisfying.

Best advice to stay healthy during the winter months is to retire early, get up when the sun rises, keep your mind calm and inward, stay warm, avoid the cold, wear a nice cozy scarf to protect your neck and keep your pores closed and avoid sweating. It could be a productive month of inner discovery, and preparing for the renewal of spring energy when everything is outward and reaching upwards.

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